General terms and conditions

  1. General

    1. Provider of the services on the website of ManyPrint Solutions and thus is the contractual partner of the customer:

      WirbelWild GbR
      Überkinger Straße 4
      70372 Stuttgart

      represented by the managing partners Dipl.-Ing. Deborah Köngeter and Tobias Köngeter

      Phone: |||ZchUE9%3A%3FDAj%5DUE9%3A%3FDAjf%60%60UE9%3A%3FDAj%5DUE9%3A%3FDAjhhU%3F3DAjdaU%3F3DAjge%5Ce_
      Email: |||%3A%3F7%40o%3E2%3FJAC%3A%3FED%40%3DFE%3A%40%3FD%5D4%40%3E

    2. The following provisions apply to contracts concluded via the ManyPrint Solutions Cloud Application.

    3. Customer of these contracts can be only entrepreneurs.

  2. Service description

    1. ManyPrint Solutions is a service for the creation of layout documents.

      The creation is done by means of so-called Apps.

      ManyPrint Solutions provides the layout documents created for the customer as a download.

    2. The customer receives access to an individual dashboard. There he can create layout documents either manually, time-controlled or via an interface provided by ManyPrint Solutions.

    3. Access to the individual dashboard is possible by means of user name and password. The customer is solely responsible for keeping his access data safe and protecting it against unauthorized access by third parties.

    4. Use of Apps assigned to an organization is permitted for an unspecified number of customer's employees in customer's organization.

  3. Remuneration

    1. Depending on the remuneration model selected by the customer, the customer must pay annual and individual remuneration dependent on the remuneration model.

    2. Insofar as an annual remuneration is to be paid, this shall be due in advance for a contractual year. The customer will receive an invoice from ManyPrint Solutions, which is then due for payment within 14 days of receipt.

    3. Insofar as an individual remuneration is to be paid, this shall accrue per layout document created. The layout documents created via the ManyPrint Solutions interface are automatically recorded and form the basis for billing. The customer shall be free to prove that the automatic recording is incorrect.

    4. Any remuneration shall be subject to value added tax at the statutory rate.

  4. Term and termination

    1. Contracts are concluded for an indefinite period.

    2. Contracts can be terminated by either party with 7 days' notice to the end of the term.

    3. Each party is at liberty to terminate the contract extraordinarily and without notice for good cause. In addition, § 314 BGB shall apply.

    4. Any termination must be made in writing or in text form. The customer can also cancel via a cancellation button provided by ManyPrint Solutions in the settings of the Apps.

  5. System requirement

    1. The ManyPrint Solutions Cloud Application is available online and requires a browser and an internet connection.

    2. In addition, the customer must have the ability to unpack archives in ZIP format with software, since the download of created layout documents is in such a file.

  6. Conclusion of contract

    1. The product representations on the ManyPrint Solutions website serve to submit a purchase offer. By clicking the button »Use App« you submit a binding offer.

    2. ManyPrint Solutions may accept the customer's order by providing the downloads of the documents.

  7. Prices

    1. The prices stated on the ManyPrint Solutions website are net prices.

  8. Delivery

    1. The delivery is exclusively by download.

  9. Inspection obligations of the customer

    1. Since the data used in ManyPrint Solutions layout documents does not originate exclusively from ManyPrint Solutions, the customer is obliged to check the correctness of this data himself, especially before it goes to print or is used in any other way.

  10. Terms of payment

    1. Payment is made exclusively through the payment methods offered on the ManyPrint Solutions website.

    2. Unless otherwise stated on the ManyPrint Solutions website, the due date and charge will be based on the payment method selected; refer to the website for details.

  11. Final provisions for entrepreneurs

    1. German law shall apply in addition, in particular the service contract law of the German Civil Code (BGB).

    2. To the extent permitted by law, the parties agree that Stuttgart shall be the exclusive place of jurisdiction.

    3. Should any provision of these General Terms and Conditions be invalid, the remainder of the contract shall remain valid. The relevant statutory provisions shall apply in place of the invalid provision.